Edinburgh Tram Test Run

After what feels like ages, testing of Edinburgh’s new Trams are in full swing. Check out the drivers view of it all in the above video. Despite it only going from Haymarket to York Place, it was fun non the less. Not only is it a test run, but part of public awareness also!

Ken Block: Gymkhana Six

Do you remember Ken Block of Gymkhana fame?

Well he’s back, with another one! :) And this time around, he’s created what can only be called as the Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course. It might not be quite like Gymkhana Five, but it’s certainly cool to watch! — Go on, what’s stopping you, the video’s above!


Mobile phone provider Three announced their latest advert the other day in the UK. It was shown on TV, uploaded to YouTube, and the social factor got to work. You’ve got to admit it is rather cool, and I like the fun aspect of it. I can’t get the catch tune out of my head now, so it’s definitely working!

Skyfall Trailer

The latest offering from James Bond (007), going by the name of Skyfall, is out on Friday 26th October. Take a look at the trailer below, it certainly makes for another explosive and gadget filled piece of art!

Really looking forward to watching this in a cinema soon! :)

Ken Block: Gymkhana Five

Ken Block is back with Gymkhana Five, the Ultimate Urban Playground, also known as San Francisco. In yet another thrilling and action-packed video, watch as Block first drives over Bay Bridge, before taking to the San Francisco streets, for some fast driving, donuts, and more. It follows on from Gymkhana Four, so don’t miss out!

Ken Block: Gymkhana Four

Ken Block’s at it again, and this time he’s at Universal Studios in California filming The Hollywood Megamercial for Gymkhana Four. Filled with spectacular pyrotechnics and impressive stunts, it makes for some fun viewing. Keep your eyes peeled for a men dressed up in a gorilla suit on a Segway, you can all thank me later!