Using get_template_part() in Themes

There’s a good chance you’ll have come across get_template_part() in your WordPress theme, especially if you’ve used Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve. You’ll maybe also be wondering how that function works? Go and cast your eyes over Konstantin Kovshenin’s article on the subject. It’s perfect for a beginner to read, with simple code examples; there’s nothing technical whatsoever.

Finding a Startup Domain

Have you ever gone and abandoned that project because you couldn’t come up with the killer name, only to find someone else builds it a few months later, then sells it for $1,000,000+ to Google? It was a similar situation for Dan Grossman, who had trouble naming his next project, until he ran across Stylate. They offer a (potential) solution to this problem, at only a fraction of what it could cost you; check out their mission statement. Handy resource to bookmark for the next time you’re stuck for words!