Twenty Years Old

Today really feels like any other normal day of the week to me, except that I can now no longer go around calling myself a teenager, which can only mean one thing; it happens to be my 20th birthday, so Happy Birthday to me! :) Normally I would offer you a couple of Maltesers or a nice piece of chocolate cake, but I managed to polish them off earlier, and we’ve not opened that cake just yet!

The Twenty Eleven Experiment

With the release of WordPress 3.2 Beta 1 into the wild last week, I decided it was about time I activated the new default theme, Twenty Eleven. If I’m honest, I have been running trunk on here for a while now, and am quite excited with all the performance improvements that have been made. I even feel the new Admin UI refresh helped with that too! — So here we have what I’m calling The Twenty Eleven Experiment, and a slightly different look for the year ahead. Guess you’ll just have to watch this space! ;)

The Fullscreen Visual Editor In WordPress

While I wrote the previous post in the early hours of the morning, I thought I’d switch over to using the Fullscreen Visual Editor for a little change, and doubt I’ll ever change back when I’m writing anything again? It’ll be interesting using it for the longer posts (there are a few that I’ll have to finish and get published), but I love the fact you’ve not got any other distractions! — Have you ever used it yourself, and feel the same about it as me? :)

Hello Dell Inspiron 580

After what felt like ages since I ordered my Dell Inspiron 580, it finally arrived at the door today at 12:12PM! :) — If only you knew the full story behind it all, the order that arrived today was actually the replacement order Dell issued on Thursday 6th January 2011 after UKMail were asked to carry out an investigation because they’d lost a package somewhere, but it didn’t turn anything up (typical huh?) — I’m all setup now though! :D

Time For A New Computer?

For a while now I have commented on my PC doing stuff that I never asked it to, and in general just causing more problems than good, of which if finally stopped working last night! :( Which for people who use it for day-to-day tasks like myself, I wouldn’t like to think how much time I have wasted doing even the simplest of tasks? — Not to mention when it comes down to the specification, you’re speaking to the wrong guy here, I don’t know where to start (with a Core i7 Processor) or what I’m looking for?