Twenty-One Years Old

We’re back round to that time of the year again, and I’m not getting any younger at that, the complete opposite you could say! It’s almost half-way through 2012, and quite frankly, I’m not quite sure where the time went?

So if you’ve not figured it out already, it’s my birthday today. Not just any old birthday though, it is in fact my 21st today, and the plan is to celebrate it in style!

Now where did I put the keys to the Lamborghini again? ;)

It might not have been the easiest 21 years of my life, and it’s certainly not going to get any easier, but the only way you can eat an elephant (so I’m told) is one bite at a time. Take everything as it comes, even when it’s a challenge at first.

As you’re probably aware, I bowl quite a lot, and we made it through the earlier rounds on Monday and Wednesday. Semi-Finals are later today, with a possible Final to play after. What better way could you spend your 21st birthday doing something you love?

I genuinely have no idea if anyone has planned anything else for me today, I’ll just go with the flow, but having a few drinks throughout the bowls with my mates anyway.

There may be some chocolate cake in my future! :D #yum

I’m not exactly a party animal, and the hardest person to buy for (just ask the rest of my family), so that makes the day exciting already! Anyhow, I have a few presents to open, so I’m out of here.

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