Time For A New Computer?

For a while now I have commented on my PC doing stuff that I never asked it to, and in general just causing more problems than good, of which if finally stopped working last night! :( Which for people who use it for day-to-day tasks like myself, I wouldn’t like to think how much time I have wasted doing even the simplest of tasks? — Not to mention when it comes down to the specification, you’re speaking to the wrong guy here, I don’t know where to start (with a Core i7 Processor) or what I’m looking for?

3 thoughts on “Time For A New Computer?

    1. Much as I’d love to have a MAC, or an Apple Computer, I don’t have much of a problem with a PC running Windows or that! I could start an IE debate if I wanted, cause it’s done me no harm, but I better not! :P

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