Starting 2014 With a Bang

Happy New Year 2014

Now before we really get into the meat of this post, can anyone tell me where January went this year? Or on the other hand, am I running very behind on the “Year in Review” summary? Either or, let’s begin …

What did I get around to in 2013?

Cast your mind back to January 1st 2013 when I published last years post on the various things I was looking to achieve of the 12 months.

You’ll see I am sporting a new design which is a pretty neat theme called Flounder. It was designed by Kelly Dwan along with Mel Choyce, and takes advantage of different styling for Post Formats, which I must say makes everything rather colourful! :)

Without beating about the bush much, I didn’t achieve half the stuff I wanted to do. I’ll need to do a better job in 2014, which won’t be very difficult.

  • Started working on a plugin, going to be called Timeline, but any development came to an abrupt halt in July. The reasons for which most likely deserve a post of its own, in short, I didn’t have a clear focus on what I wanted to call the “initial” version. This needs to change this year!
  • I promised myself I would blog more. The last time I had a post of any length published was August 13th. I’m already off to a bad start not publishing this post that you’re reading now, in January.
  • As for personal projects, they’re still just ideas in my head currently.

I did however finish the year working up at Edinburgh’s Christmas in St Andrews Square, for a company called Underbelly, which was rather cool to say the least. Eight weeks of helping prepare the site, supervising the licensed bars, and taking the site apart afterwards. Never mind the experience gained, I also met some amazingly cool people. The company’s probably more known for running the Edinburgh Fringe, where I’d love to work in 2014 also, assuming other commitments don’t get in the way!

Plans for 2014 then?

I’ve got the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games to look forward to, seeing as I was accepted as a Clyde-sider (Volunteer).

Other than that, I plan on taking each day/week/month as it comes. Setting any kind of goals here clearly isn’t going to make a difference, and well, my Mum’s just served up some of her homemade Chicken & Rice soup, which I’m going to enjoy.

See you around! ;)

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