Turning Twenty-Two, and Why Good News Isn’t Always Good

Happy 22nd Birthday

A week-past Monday now (20th May), it was my birthday, where I turned 22 years old.

I spent the majority of the day working on the bar at Haddington Bowling Club before taking to the green at night in the first round of the County Cup, which is a knockout competition run by East Lothian Bowling Association. We ended up making it through to the next round on Wednesday.

To my surprise, one of the Committee Members had organised a chocolate cake for the afternoon; how did they know I would like one of those? ;) You’ll just have to trust me that it tasted good, it didn’t last very long …

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Mobile phone provider Three announced their latest advert the other day in the UK. It was shown on TV, uploaded to YouTube, and the social factor got to work. You’ve got to admit it is rather cool, and I like the fun aspect of it. I can’t get the catch tune out of my head now, so it’s definitely working!

Trying out Timeline

It has been mentioned several times now that I’m building my very first plugin. More importantly though, I’m completely unsure how things are going with it, and whether or not everything’s looking good or bad?

Being that small fish in the big sea isn’t always a good thing, sadly.

The only way I’m going to get it right is by asking …

How can you help?

I’m looking for as many people as possible, from beginners to full-fledged developers, to download the latest tag from GitHub, and take it for a spin; if there’s anyone who could be so kind? :)

You have my full permission to break absolutely everything, just so long as you don’t mind telling me how. That way I can stop it happening for others. Plus I’ll reward you all in chocolate … double-win!

An example of the default design!
An example of the default design!

The above image shows you what the online demo looks like at the time of posting.

Pull Requests and Suggestions

I’d welcome any pull requests and/or suggestions you might have on GitHub. I’m always up for learning how to do new things. One day this small fish wants to go out playing with the sharks! ;)

Thank you in advance.

First WordPress 3.6 Contribution

Two similar typos! #23481
Two similar typos! #23481

I said one of my goals for 2013 was to contribute something to WordPress 3.6 after failing to do so in the two previous versions. I got the ball rolling the other day when this really simply patch was committed.

The thing about contributing to WordPress, you don’t need to have any PHP skills, or JavaScript knowledge. It really could be as simple as the image above, or why not join forces and tackle a section of the codex that needs updated/refreshed? :)