Nineteen Years Old

So today see’s the day I turn 19, and unlike what most people say, it feels no different to when I was 17, never mind when I was 18. About the only thing turning 18 allowed me do was go buy some drink (the advantage of living in the UK and not USA) … but anyway!

For most of the day I’ll just be chilling out doing things I like best, and why not? :)

I’m not sure if anyone has planned anything for me later, but I did notice a cake in the kitchen so I’m assuming that’s for me, well I got my fingers crossed anyway. Most likely I’ll head out later for a few drinks with my mates, so we’ll see what happens. Best be off!

15 thoughts on “Nineteen Years Old

  1. Happy Birthday Mark!! Is this why the site had to be ready on short notice?? Nicely done! :D

    Get anything nice today? :D (Cake is *always* nice! Feel free to send a slice my way if you like… ;) )

    1. Thank you Michael, and yeah, that’d be a pretty good guess why I wanted to get up and running. Opted to take TwentyTen for a good test too, and while I might not agree with some things, it does a pretty good job IMO!

      I got quite a lot of LYNX stuff, I’m not sure what the family are trying to tell me? Do I smell…? =/ Some clothes, and money really, that I’ll go spend on a few new DVD’s I think. (Still not watched some of last year’s!) LOL

  2. Hi Mark, and slightly belatedly – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Funny you should mention the feeling no different, I was 65 last friday and I didn’t feel any older than 64!! That reminds me though, apparently I have to claim my Old Age Pension or I may not get it. Maybe the Coalition will scrap it before I get chance – you never know these days! I do wish them well, but had to laugh tonight when someone referred to them as the “Demolition”.

    Hope you’ll see this some time tomorrow, maybe PM though – haha!!


  3. Hi Mark

    Happy belated birthday!! Hope that cake was good mate!! LOL The domain name is spot on well done!!! I might go and have a look for mine!!


    1. Thanks anyway Nick, yeah I did enjoy the cake! :) And thanks for the feedback on the domain, it’s new, different and interesting. So we’ll roll with that for a bit and see what happens?!

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