Never Throw Away Your Code

Never throw away code. The grand, unfinished project you abandoned can always be stripped for useful parts later. — Ryan C. Gordon (via Twitter)

I’m not one with a lot of code, but never a truer word spoken. Setting up a section to share all these useful snippets not only benefits yourself, but other people too. Just make sure you document it well though, so everyone understands what it’s doing.

8 thoughts on “Never Throw Away Your Code

  1. So simple!
    So Important!
    But rarely done!

    This quote should be part of the holy grail for web developers and maybe designers as well!

    Thank you for sharing though.

  2. This is very much true, and something that I am learning over time, especially when I want to do something I have done in the past with a WordPress theme.

    Now we just need a sensible way to store all this data, any suggestions? Git repository?

  3. This is a great post! And sooo true =D
    I recently started a small section on my site where I keep chunks of code that I use often. It’s handy, and I like to think others who stumble on them might find them useful, too =D

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