Going to Create a Plugin

I know what you’re all thinking, who is this crazy guy …

… and what a rather bold statement that is to make?!

For a while now I have been wanting to build something, and release it back to the WordPress Community. I figured if I had a need for it, then others would also?

Late last night, I put the above on Twitter, mainly just so I could keep myself accountable, and have someone hopefully kick me in the ass if I went days without doing anything keeping an eye or two on me.

I’m going to gauge the “lack of response” to bad timing on my part!

So, the plugin itself?

First of all, you can follow development of this particular plugin on GitHub (something which I’m still pretty new with), so please don’t go performing a Pull Request right this second, I’ll not know what I’m doing! ;)

I’m going to call the plugin Timeline. It’s going to be an easy way to record and display events from the past, present, and future, without all the added extras. Simple and lightweight for starters, nothing complex. Really just looking at getting my feet wet.

Who’s with me then? :)

3 thoughts on “Going to Create a Plugin

    1. Read a lot of his stuff, but I’ll need to go back and see what I may have missed? To be honest, I’ve been slacking behind anyway, but GitHub doesn’t *pester* you with the little red symbol like SVN does. I’m determined to get this thing coded, but I know it’ll take me time! :(

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