Few More Thoughts On The WordPress.org Redesign

More of a follow-up to my last article in which I talked about the WordPress.org redesign, where I’d like to see it going and what kind of improvements I’d like to see happen. Which leads me onto the comment Andrea Rennick (you all know Andrea) left the other day…!

While I personally disagree that they’ve done most of what I had written about, I can’t argue the fact that things have already happened, the biggest change in my opinion being the new colour scheme you can now find. It matches in with 3.o now!

Already it makes WordPress.org more appealing and easy on the eyes. Plus we can’t forget the drop-down menu you now see when you hover over Extend, you know what they say about small and simple changes sometimes being the best! ;)

What More (Minor Changes) Would I Like To See?

For starters the development teams going to work on the redesign have been announced, and while I probably couldn’t help fully, I’m sitting on the sidelines here writing my thoughts and publishing them for all to read and use if they require?

Official WordPress News (http://wordpress.org/news/) – What was known as /development/ before it was changed, but a smart move which now makes it sound a lot more professional and more official looking!

The old slug didn’t quite describe what the WordPress Blog was all about in my eyes, and in the eyes of Matt Mullenweg and other developers too by the looks of it, as around July 8th 2010 Ryan Boren made a couple of changes to WP.org with this being one of them!

Extend WordPress (http://extend.wordpress.org/) – You’ll see it’s not a huge change, and wouldn’t really alter the setup currently being used, more or less just a little bit of a URL layout change, plus making sure it was the *real* hub for Extending WordPress through Themes and Plugins!

With over 100 Million Plugin Downloads I think it’s safe to say Extend plays a major part of WordPress, and at the end of the day, that’s going to continue long and hard into the future (both for Themes and Plugins!)

I’d like to think it would encourage other people to get involved in WordPress?

Make WordPress […] (http://make.wordpress.org/) – Whoever thought that structure up should make themselves known, I’m due you a drink! :)

If you didn’t already know that we have Make WordPress UI (you do now) which deals with the User Interface of WordPress, where you’ll most likely find John O’Nolan hanging around as Deputy Head of the UI Team, with Jane Wells still in charge of it all. We’ll soon also have Make WordPress Code up and running for WP Code Developments!

Which got me thinking about the (redundant) Ideas Forum and how it really has no purpose under Extend! Please do call me crazy, but ideas are all about making things better right? – In which case why don’t we setup Make WordPress Better?

In Closing

We’re all different and we all think differently about things! :D Any thoughts?

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