Where I’d Like To See WordPress.org In 3 Months Time

It has been said by Jane Wells before that WordPress.org would see a redesign later on this year, and at WordCamp San Francisco, Matt Mullenweg confirmed that in his State Of The Word 2010 – Not to mention the fact I have wanted to publish my thoughts on WP.org and the kind of changes I’d like to see implemented myself anyway!

Using WordPress Itself

You might have heard me saying this all before, I have been thinking about it for a while, and I also remember Jeff Chandler asking his WPTavern.com readers/followers if they knew what powered the main WP.org site? With not many people knowing, I think the majority were surprised to find out it was just HTML behind it.

With the release of WordPress 3.0 just happening today, and the huge success of the WP/WPMU merge that took place, wouldn’t it be the right time to harness all the new features and functionality that went into development of 3.0? :D

Not forgetting how it could act as another (major) site to help spot bugs similar to WP.com?

Switch The Codex Over To WordPress

At the moment they use MediaWiki for the WordPress Codex but just imagine how it would look if they ported it over to use WordPress instead? I know it would take a lot of work, the opportunity could be taken though to give the Codex a spring-clean for more of a better word!

It would just be another way for people to see how WordPress can be used for virtually anything at the end of the day, along with what can be achieved. I’d like to think it would also enhance the way others use WordPress?

The Single Login

As they’d say in Trac for a feature or idea they like +1, but in this case I’m sure +1000 would sound way more appropriate! :) When you visit WP.org you shouldn’t have to login to all the separate areas all the time, it’s not user-friendly! – Which is probably why you’ll not find me kicking about there as much?

Clean Up And Organise Extend

With the large number of Plugins and Themes available, sometimes I feel when you’re looking for a certain something it could be made a lot easier, fair point yes? If you take the Category/Section/Tag that can be picked from, cleaning that up is already half-way there, and half the battle!

Taking that a little further, I’d like to see it located at http://extend.wordpress.org/ instead because at the end of the day you are actually “Extending WordPress” which fits better than the current format?!

WordPress Profiles

I know we have something for this at the moment but it could do with a little work, making it the central location on WP.org for the users to go and edit their details would be a great start. Then with the main WordPress.org site running WordPress too, it could all be integrated using the MultiSite/Network Feature! (The possibilities are endless!)

And That’s It From Me

Sure I could have probably expanded upon my thoughts above but I was just getting them out in the open, although I see they have been talked about on the WPTavern Forum which also includes MANY more ideas from others around the community!

For those of you not in-the-know, Samuel Wood (AKA Otto) has been hired by Matt Mullenweg himself to head up the WordPress.org Redesign, which I’m looking forward to watching and helping out however I can?

4 thoughts on “Where I’d Like To See WordPress.org In 3 Months Time

    1. Think I might have to write another little post with a few other thoughts I currently have, so far I like the new lighter design that matches in with WordPress 3.0 – Not forgetting the change in blog on WordPress.org from /development/ to /news/ which works well! :)

      Personally I’d say it’s still missing 99% of what I listed above, for the simple reason that WordPress.org isn’t just run on a single install yet, the Codex still uses that MediaWiki thing, I still have to login to everything over at the site! :( But hey, still a few months left yet to get all that done!

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