Started Cycling Again

When I was younger I quite enjoyed going out on my bike with friends and generally messing around, racing each other from place to place (getting in the way of every pedestrian walking on the pavement), also pulling wheelies like you would at that age!

On Thursday I went out and bought myself a brand new bike that was actually the right size for me for a change, and started cycling again over the weekend with my younger brother Graeme. We racked up 4.5 miles on Saturday and 6.5 miles on Sunday.

Yes I’ll admit the hills are almost a struggle right now but they’ve yet to defeat me! ;)

In the short term I’m gearing myself up for a 22 mile Sponsored Cycle I’ll be doing with a few other members (brother included) on Saturday 19th March 2011 for Haddington Bowling Club to help raise funds; mainly for the Christmas Parties we started last year, we’d like to try and continue the trend for 2011 too! :) — Plus on a much more personal level, I’d very much like to prove some people wrong and make them eat their words!

I’ll keep you updated.

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