The “Alpha” Redesign

If you’ve read my goals for 2013 then you’ll know that one of them was to redesign my personal space from scratch. I wanted to go and build something that fitted 99.9% of my requirements, then release it to the WordPress community for others to benefit.

Last week Justin Tadlock announced the release of Chun over on Theme Hybrid, and I fell in love with it straight away, it was like all my ideas rolled into one. You’ll even find a slightly tweaked version running on his personal site. I am a fan of that blue!

I’m calling this the “alpha” redesign for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s clean, simple, and really easy on the eyes.
  2. Different styling for all the post formats.
  3. I will make changes, nothing’s perfect!
  4. Hoping it’ll make me want to blog more.
  5. In general, I just like it, a lot.

Those are valid enough right? ;)

I’d obviously still like to create a theme from scratch one day this year, and I will when I get the time. For now though Chun is what we’re rolling with, so enjoy the ride.

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Mark McWilliams

I first started using WordPress back in the middle of 2007, while still at school, and only 16 years old. Five years later I'm still experimenting with WordPress, and doing what I do best.

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